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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Need For Change

My father is a big Fela fan and I was privileged to listen to one of Fela's works recently. The particular work is Army Arrangement. A song in which he criticizes two of the people who we can blame for the stagnant growth our country has been through. Obasanjo and Yar' Adua. You are probably asking yourself "What's this kid saying? " Fela passed away in 1997, ten years before Yar' Adua became our leader. True talk. Yar' Adua's elder brother Shehu was the Chief of the Supreme Council, Obasanjo's Deputy during Obasanjo's tenure as Military Head of State. Isn't it ironic that about thirty years after Obasanjo's first coming he is still being derided for his misdeeds as our Leader. Yar' Adua is also going through this same public crucifixion. Was Fela a soothsayer? Isn't it a shame that about thirty years after Army Arrangement was recorded, the people responsible for the steady decline that has ravaged our country are still the same people responsible for the present woes? The blame lies at our footsteps. For years, we have seen our country being bastardized by this people and we have done nothing about it. Obasanjo dealt us blows in the 70s and at the early stages of this millenium and he has not discontinued it. His daughter Iyabo is at the Senate. How did she get there? Did the people vote for her? Has she made any positive impact at the Senate. I must confess that from my experiences with the Nigerian papers I have read of Iyabo being involved in more irrelevant things than her Senate position. The scandal which caused her to spend some days in prison is proof. Her scuffle with Otunba Gbenga Daniel(the Ogun State Governor)is another piece of evidence. Aren't the people of her Senatorial district annoyed at the way they are portrayed by their daughter? You and I know the answer to that question. Isn't it surprising that come 2011 she will be re elected with a land slide victory?
Lucky Igbinedion was Governor of Edo State from 1999-2007. Under his tenure, he was widely known as the Chairman of the Ineffective Governors Society. At his handover ceremony, the jeep conveying he and his wife away was pelted with pure water sachets by an ever willing electorate. He was charged with stealing about $24 million and guess what he got as punishment? A 3.5 million naira fine.
As I said earlier, the blame lies at our footsteps. If we would build our own batallion of electoral observers who will ensure that anybody who attempts to santch a ballot box is taken care of. Then we would see if the likes of Igbinedion, Obasanjo Bello and Yar' Adua would be able to subject us to the developmental torture they have subjected us to? I don't think so. If we as a people collectively say No, I doubt if we will suffer what we have suffered. Barrack Obama's call for change was made possible by the people. Why can't we make our own call for change happen by resisting any leader who means bad for us? We are the people who have the power to bring about this change. Jerry Rawlings became the leader of Ghana via a coup. Though it was illegitimate, he made the difference by taking the lives of those who had caused his people pain. With this, he earned the support of the people and set in motion the change that has made Ghana go ahead of it's Big Brother. The Power of the people must not be undermined. We are the ones who can make the difference. By the Grace of God, We are the ones who WILL make the Difference.



  1. This is really great. Its like the voice I have been keeping inside me for years. Now someone finally speaks up. You should put this up in the papers right before the next election Mayowa.So that Nigerians would know what they are doing.
    Great Work!!

  2. Btw....Thanks for all the comments and props....Really appreciate it


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