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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Type of Country do we Live In? II

The date December 23rd 2008 meant different things to different people. To my aunty Keji, who celebrated her 40th birthday, it marked the beginning of a new era. In her lifetime, she has been through a lot. Having her first child after twelve years standing outside God’s waiting room is just one of those things. It was another opportunity to give God thanks for his infinite mercies.
For the clan of the Late Bola Ige, it marked the seventh year anniversary of the death of their late patriarch. Seven years of “We want our father’s killers”. Seven years of continuous disappointment at the Nigerian judicial system which their father was safeguarding at the time of his cold blooded murder. While the Ige’s continue to mourn the demise of their father and the subsequent demise of their mother after the mental torture of the failed trial of her husband’s killers. It is also worthy of mention that we ask ourselves what have happened to Bola Ige’s killers? The judicial system which has been praised in recent times needs to take a long look at itself and ask itself why it was made a fool of itself with the Bola Ige case as it has done with the recent Igbinedion judgment. It is essential that we stop fooling ourselves and start to question ourselves if we are progressing or regressing. When the three arms of government in a country fail the citizenry of our country the way ours has failed us we can only question ourselves on what the future would bring.
To Nuhu Ribadu, the erstwhile Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, he got the boot from his duty of call as a Police Officer. Though it was widely expected, Ribadu’s dismissal is another case of bad things happening to good people. Whilst some people would go to any length to castigate Ribadu for his alleged crimes which include going against only people who had stepped on former President Obasanjo’s perceived enemies. This same people should ask themselves “If they were in Ribadu’s shoes would they have done half the things he did?” Let’s say it as it is Nuhu Ribadu is what he is because of the appointment given to him by Obasanjo. It is naturally expected that Obasanjo would have some form of influence over him. If Ribadu had started chasing people loyal to Obasanjo we would have said he was biting the fingers that fed him. Call him what you want Nuhu Ribadu was one effective cop who deserved more than he got. Taking a look at the person in his stead makes Ribadu look like Sherlock Holmes. I daresay that Nigerians are tired of seeing the same things repeat themselves. Some former government official is caught with billions and he is told to pay a fine worth millions. How disgusting. We would rather not see these individuals being prosecuted. People who should rot in some of the numerous prisons spread across the country are seen on the pages of newspapers attending numerous parties across town with their wives decked in the latest designs and fashions while thousands of people in their constituencies and states continue to die preventable deaths. I would love to be proved wrong as the Fani-Kayode case reaches a climax. It hurts seeing a country that has so much potential achieving so little.

Stay Blessed,

Originally Written 23rd of December

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