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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome to Mirrors

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name's Mayowa. Born in Lagos on the 25th of May 1992. It took my parents five years to have me which explains why my other name is Samuel. Im a big fan of the Internet, Kanye West, Arsenal Football Club(Although nowadays it seems to give me more reason to cry than smile), Hip Hop music, Basic Poetry and Reading things that can never help me at school. As we move on in life you would join me on a trip of highs and lows(Hopefully more highs than lows) articles on the most serious of topics(world issues and politics), the extravagant stuff( gadgets and fashion), the things I love (Music and Sports) and the latest events and happenings in my life. The next weeks are going to be quite a trip ( My birthday, Graduation from High School and Prom). Like 9ice would say "Let's go there". Welcome to my world.

Stay Blessed,


  1. im loving ur blog and u shd direct more traffic to it!

    welcome to the world of blogging and enjoy the journey!

  2. yay!!.mayowa..:P
    u've started ur own blog..well i had one..:(

  3. how do i tell guys bout ur blog?

  4. Ehm....Facebook status,Messenger..At least that's what I do...But Iguess you can be my publicist...


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