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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Thank You Letter

God. That is the name of the man I call my father. The man who brings me out of every tight corner and by whose grace I enjoy this luxurious blessing called life. The man who hears my every prayer and cry and makes my every step one more walk in the park. The man who deprives me of the things detrimental to my natural progress in life and provides the things which I do not want but need in order to become the great man I aspire to be. The only man who looks at me without feeling he has a point to prove and tells me "O boy, you don mess up o" and the person who constantly rewards me and pats me on the back when I do the good things synonymous with his name. The person who sometimes allows me do things I shouldn't so that I learn from mistakes and strive to make sure those mistakes don't repeat themselves. The man who blesses me with the friends I have who are with me during the good and the bad. The man who blessed me with the ability to make people listen when I write and talk. The man who gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts, opinions and feelings via this medium.

I thank him for letting you listen while also thanking him for the opportunity to let me talk.

Kayode, Oyinda, Tejiri, Bisola, Chika, Subomi, TunTun and to those who I didn't mention: THANKS A LOT FOR THE SUPPORT, IT MEANS A LOT



  1. If I went 'Awww...That's cute.' would that be inappropriate?...lol.

  2. Yup! dats d man. he's d 1 wit all d great names ny1 can ever imagine. pls lets giv him more praise abeg.

  3. Guy yu speak notin but d truth. God is King oo..Thanks for all. Dis is reeli cool. keep it up


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