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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Thoughts

Happy Belated Birthday to youre's truly. After witnessing a birthday I would like to forget quickly last year I developed an opinion/mindset that there should be nothing big when someone adds a year. Youre allowed to pray to God and give him thanks for letting you add a year, it shouldn't be done with pomp and paegentary. Okay, youre one year older, Kini Big Deal? Ever spared a moment of thought to those children living in Rwanda with no mummy and daddy and are being exploited like those kids in Slumdog Millionaire. Ever thought of flying to Sudan and spending youre time with the homeless kids there? I doubt. I can't say I do this things but it's my belief that that's the way things should be done. Enough of the Sermon and back to the main reason for this post. Who ever wonders how on the Twelve O' Clock heralding one's birthday it's impossible to sleep because your phone never stops buzzing as all your friends want to wish you a Happy Birthday and then the next twelve o clock your ask your best friend who made a dedication to you on 96.9 to call you and you wait for an hour but the phone never rings? Ever wondered how your "big sister"who is in South Africa who has never called you makes it a point of duty to call you on this day? How your mother who hardly cooks actually takes her time to make you a meal? How you log into youre Facebook account and you discover you have 55 notifications and theyre not random stuff from funky applications and groups? And the next day you see six notifications and theyre from the menace talked about above. So much for Happy Birthday. Welcome to the day after the Birthday?



  1. Am feeling you on dis 1...
    nd did u know dat does children in slumdog millionaire actually live in those places??
    they destroyed their houses last week....nd people were wondering why
    the producers did not do anything about it in d 1st place.

  2. Haha.I feel u on the 'day after the Birthday' thing'...+I don't think it's a crime to celebrate even though other people are suffering...I mean,you could try to impact on other people's lives and help the poor et all..but that doesn't mean you shouldn't live your life(I feel tempted to break into song.lol.)..and enjoy it.


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