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Monday, May 25, 2009

No 5: Naeto C

Naeto C is the artiste every young boy would make example of when trying to convince their parents to allow them delve into the entertainment sector. Son of Kema Chikwe, the former Minister of Aviation and the present Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland. He was educated at the Atlantic Hall and George Washington University studying Medicine. Who ever thought Doctors could come up with such hot raps? His single Kini Big Deal was arguably one of the biggest songs of last year. You know my P remains a personal favorite of mine. He took the Nigerian scene by storm last year and since then he has never looked back. Not the traditional rapper, his unique style makes him different from the numerous polluting the Nigerian airwaves.He would command a higher position on this list but for the fact that he's a newcomer

Album: You Know My P
Hits: Kini Big Deal
You Know My P
My Favourites: Ringtone
Lagos City
Awards: Mtv African Music Awards, Best New Artiste
Hip Hop World Awards, Best Rap Single


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