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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Moment Of Silence

As a child, Aunty Yosola was one of the aunties I loved most. Seeing her made my day and her ever cheerful face was one of the things I looked forward to every Sunday at church. I remember my mother telling me sometime last year that Aunty Yosola who I had not seen in ages was very ill. I asked her " How ill? " and she said the word which has caused millions of people around the world pain, sadness and anger: Cancer. I am not one who actually picks people out for prayers but I particularly did in Aunty Yosola's case. She had stopped coming to church for a while and my parents who went to see her did not take me along for reasons best known to them. Seeing her on Christmas day looking frail broke my heart. I made up my mind to continue praying for her. While in school sometime at the beginning of the year my mum called one day and told me the piece of Information I never thought I would hear(At least, not anytime soon) "Aunty Yosola is gone, she said". I being someone who hates displaying emotions publicly quietly went to my dorm and cried like a baby.

Chijidu Eze was my brother's mate. He was a student at Corona who was unfortunate to go for Swimming after he had initially been told not to go by his Housemaster and a few of his friends(My brother being one of them). Like every other child who probably believed his housemaster was picking on him, he stuck to his guns and went Swimming. Whilst it is not clear what happened, people who went for this round of Swimming said when they were about to leave the hotel(Beno, it's called) someone said they forgot their goggles only for them to return to the swimming pool and in the process of the search for the goggles they found Chijindu's body. Imagine! That's how they would have gone without knowing someone was missing.He was then taken to hospital. The next day, it was announced that he had passed away. It later became clear that he had passed away the day before. His case is more pitiful by the fact that he suffered a very preventable death. They say "Everything in life, happens for a reason". To make his case worse it was also discovered later that his mother had long gone to The Great Beyond.What a sad way to leave.

Like Nas said" As day falls and Night crawls for the rest of our lives we would miss y'all and even though life must go on we still mourn while missing y'all"

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